Subsurface Utility

We offer subsurface utility mapping that utilizes NDT and geophysics investigations techniques!

 Subsurface Utility

EGSci owns all equipment they use to perform standard utility investigations, short of mechanically exposing utilities, allowing them to approach each project with quick response times and use of multiple techniques without worrying about equipment availability and high equipment rental costs.  

For one of our local contracts with Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), we have been providing geophysical services, utility mapping services, and sewer camera inspections as part of the current Geotechnical and Construction Materials Testing Consultant Team. 


In-House Utility Location Equipment:
• Multiple ground penetrating radar units (with a variety of antenna frequencies, multiple equipment mounting and antenna options to best suit specific site conditions)
• Passive and active radio frequency detectors
• Radio frequency generators
• Magnetometers

We provide a variety of specialized geophysical services on utility-locating projects that have required services beyond standard utility locating:
• Vibration monitoring at buildings adjacent to utility removal or replacement by means of pipe bursting
• Excavation, or blasting; managing and supervising “soft dig” (vacuum excavation) activities to locate utilities that cannot be located with non-invasive locating techniques
• Seismological investigations to measure depth to bedrock for new utility placement
• Remote camera investigations of damaged or blocked pipes
• Supervision of repairs in the unfortunate event that a utility fails.

In addition to extensive experience in utility mapping and geophysical surveys, EGSci’s multi-disciplined staff have additional experience in geology, geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology, and environmental sciences, which can be valuable on multi-phase projects where it would be more efficient for someone familiar with existing utilities to assist with related earthworks. With their diverse experience base, EGSci brings proactive solutions to complex utility issues that may arise during the course of a project.

Conducting subsurface utility mapping with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).
Conducting subsurface utility mapping with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Subsurface Utility