Foundation Mapping

Geotechnical investigation performed on MARTA using NDT and aerial structure foundation elements.

   Foundation Mapping (NDT): Our engineering and geophysics teams employ an array of NDT methods using the latest equipment and software to provide the most accurate foundation mapping results.  

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting services uses Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESA).

 Environmental Consulting: Our environmental services benefit businesses, communities and the health of the planet. Assessing, remediating, and preserving the environment are essential to making the world safe for the future.


EGSci engineer performing geophysics testing using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for rebar mapping.

 Geophysics: We offer a variety of geophysical services specializing in terrestrial and borehole geophysics in support of environmental and engineering projects. 

Subsurface Utility

Geophysics tool, Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI), used to map subsurface geologic conditions.

Subsurface Utility: Our professional staff have over 20 years of experience serving as the subsurface utility mapping lead on various transportation and infrastructure contracts utilizing non-destructive and geophysics investigation techniques.  

Geotechnial Engineering

Geotechnical engineering and services involve forensic analysis, seismic cone penetrometer (SCP)

 Geotechnical Engineering: We provide full-time geotechnical field engineering services and evaluations while performing engineering analyses related to general site conditions, bearing capacities, soil uplift resistance, recommended types of suitable foundations, and other geotechnical aspects of construction.